Doosan is Part of a Winning Package for Joe Gibbs Racing

The oldest Doosan machine on the Joe Gibbs Racing shop floor dates back to 1998. Since that time, components produced on Doosan machines have been on cars that have won five NASCAR Cup Series Championships and three Daytona 500s. That’s a winning combination. Is it any wonder that the team’s

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Doosan Machine Tools Help Keep Pace with High-Tech Industries

For True Precision Machining (TPM), located in Buellton, California, serving the engineering and machining needs of industries like aerospace, medical, military and others means keeping up with the latest machine tool technology. The TPM facility has a complete in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance team. This gives them a

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Scaling Up to Handle the Big Jobs: Doosan’s New PUMA SMX5100L/LS

When the top shops want to complete complex parts requiring turning and milling in a single setup, they choose one of our PUMA SMX twin-spindle, multi-tasking turn-mill centers: the PUMA SMX2600ST (10” chuck) or PUMA SMX3100ST (12” chuck). But what if you want to move up to the really big

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Doosan Machine Tools Enters Partnership with Titans of CNC

Doosan Machine Tools is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with TITANS of CNC, Inc. As part of this partnership, Doosan Machine Tools will become the exclusive premier machine tool builder partner for TITANS of CNC. TITANS of CNC is focused on being the top global manufacturing education provider

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Customer Wish Granted: A Multi-Level Rotary Pallet System for the NHP Series

Looking for a Goldilocks solution to your pallet systems needs? Not too pricy, but not too small? Well, we have some good news for you, and it’s no fairy tale. Meet the new multi-level Rotary Pallet System (RPS), designed for our popular NHP Series horizontal machining centers, specifically the NHP

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Impact CNC Adds Five NHP 8000 machines to Its Collection of 50+ Doosans

Impact CNC is an award-winning contract CNC manufacturer based in Columbia City, Indiana. Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, the company machines parts for the agriculture, industrial, construction, off road and transportation industries. The business began in 2012 when a leader in industrial lift trucks approached one of the founders, Jerry

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The DVF Series is Expanding So Your Business Can Do the Same

Our DVF 5000 compact 5-axis machining center was specifically designed to satisfy our customers who were tired of messing around with multiple setups. With the ability to handle diverse 5-sided or simultaneous 5-axis applications with just one setup, they can cut the most complex shapes without all that extra downtime

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Joe Gibbs Racing Steps Up to Protect Health Workers

Joe Gibbs Racing is famous for its technology in the shop and speed on the track. But those who follow NASCAR know that the team also has a whole lot of heart. So it comes as no surprise that, during the current COVID-19 crisis, everyone looked around to see how

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Dimatec Drills Deep and Discovers Machine Tool Gold with Doosan

Dimatec, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a manufacturer of high-quality, metal-bond diamond tools and related, down-the-hole drilling equipment. Their products are used globally by mineral exploration, geotechnical survey, and oil and gas—routinely drilling through all types of geological formations miles beneath the surface of the earth.

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